Apps to edit video on your phone

juillet 04, 2017

Apps to edit video on your phone

Are you like members of the Snakehive team who've got a backlog of video footage on your phone from past holidays, day trips and nights out?  Or perhaps you just want to make your social media clips look a little more polished?  Whatever the reason, this blog is for you. We're exploring the best apps to shoot, edit the boring bits, add special effects or a sound track, and then share your footage. Read on! 

Editing video



iMovie (Free | iOS

If you purchased a 32 GB or larger iPhone with iOS 10 or later, this app may already be installed.  The simple touch controls provide powerful tools for editing and sharing clips. It's easy to browse your clips, add titles and credits, voiceover, music soundtrack, filters and effects  - and you can even create Hollywood-style trailers from a range of templates if you wish!    

PowerDirector Mobile (Free with in-app purchases £0.79 to £5.99 per item | Android)

This app echoes iMovie, providing a user-friendly but powerful editor for Android devises. You can easily edit clips, add video effects, titles, slow motion, voice over etc to produce and share great videos.


Filming video


Snakehive blog on phone apps for editing video


All smartphones usually come with some form of camera app as part of their operating system. But if you're looking for more tricks and multiple choices for shooting more pro video, then look into investing in a camera app that can blend pro features with ease of use.   

FiLMiC Pro (Paid | Android £9.49, iOS £14.99)

Filmic Pro will turn your Smartphone camera into a fully featured video camera. It has zoom controls, multiple frame rates, manual control over focus, exposure, white balance and shutter speed control. It also has audio monitoring for getting good quality sound.

Splash (Free | iOS)

The Splash app helps you shoot great 360-degree video which you can upload to social media channels or have fun using the footage with a virtual reality headset.


Adding fun - and scary - effects 



FxGuru (Free with in-app purchases from £0.99 | Android, iOS)

Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood special effects to any of your videos with this great app.  You can choose from horror, sci-fi and action movie special effects among many others to impress your friends or kids, and share on YouTube or Facebook.  

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator (Free | Android, iOS)

This app is definiately a winner with children who love Minecraft  - the app lets you direct, record, and edit your own Minecraft Stop-Motion Movies, starring your favorite Minecraft characters from pigs to creepers.

You can buy the Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio Playset (£31.99) or just use simple Lego or similar other stuff. Once you’ve built your set and your cast is in place, the app will transform your phone into an animation studio, giving you the power to record whatever you can imagine.    The app includes editing tools, visual filters, original music tracks and sound effects from the game.  





If you're looking to polish film for your own social media streams, there are so many apps to play with.  A good read on video format for social media in general is this recent article from Hootsuite.   One of our favourite vloggers is Jack Norman who recently reviewed our Vintage Wallet Collection on his You Tube channel.




Giphy (Free | Android, iOS)

Want to create a GIF? These animated, silent loops have become an emotional currency on the web, allowing people to react in ways words just don’t allow. But if you can’t find the perfect GIF for your current feeling, why not create one yourself with this app? Giphy boasts it has the world’s largest library of animated GIFs, or you can simply upload your own footage and transform it into a GIF.  

Vine Camera  (Free | Android, iOS)

Twitter’s Vine app started off as a way to make looping six-second videos.  Controversary Twitter shut down Vine earlier this year much to the dismay of fans. The newly launched Vine Camera app is no replacement for the social sharing community loved by Vine fans but the camera does has a one-touch system for shooting clips that then flow together, which is very clever. You can create 6 second looping videos with multiple cuts and edit your video to create a perfect loop.

Boomerang (Free | Android, iOS)

Instagram's Boomerang is very inventive;  it shoots 10 photos quickly from your front or rear camera, then turns them into a GIF-like looping clip.  Share it on Facebook and Instagram right from the app, or save your video to your camera roll to share later.

PocketVideo (Free | Android, iOS)

PocketVideo is one of the video apps aimed specifically at creators - its mix of filters, titles, stickers and GIFs is a recipe for entertaining videos.


We hope we've inspired you to make more of your video footage with these phone apps - put some time aside to experiment and you'll soon get great results. Check out You Tube for lots of free tutorials with detailed instructions for editing clips on your phone too.  And if you're looking for ways to edit your photography in addition to video, take a read of our blog on phone photograhpy

Before we end the blog we'd love to introduce you to our brand new range - our Pastel Collection - what's more each case features a clever bi-folding stand design so you can sit back and enjoy your video creations.

Made up of eight enticing colourways, the series draws inspiration from the beautiful and enchanting hues of summertime London. Even if we say it ourselves - we love them!



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