Apps for a UK getaway

juin 06, 2017

Apps for a UK getaway

With another bank holiday weekend fast approaching, we thought it would be best to have a look at UK based apps to give you some inspiration for a UK getaway. Be it England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, these apps will help you decide if you want to camp, go glamping, stay somewhere quirky, or just have the odd day out doing something a bit different.

Camping apps

Although camping is not everyone's cup of tea, what is a bank holiday weekend without it? These following apps will hopefully make it less stressful to choose the best place to camp.

AA camping and caravanning guide (Free | iOS and Android)

This app features over 850 recommended and inspected campsites located across England, Scotland and Wales, from fields, forests and moors to lakes and coastal regions.

Campmate (Free | iOS )

This app 'brings the power of the search engine to iPhone'. Search for campsites based on location, park facilities, type of campsite and "campsites near me".

Campr ( Free | iOS and Android)

'Presents an interactive guide to beautiful campsites including video, 360 degree panoramas and photography.' Currently featuring campsites from 6 regions in the UK, you can explore each site in detail before you visit.

Stay somewhere a bit different...

If camping isn't your style, why not check out the following App for paces to stay that are quirky and out of the ordinary!

AIRBNB (Free iOS and Android)

Although this app can be used for anywhere in the world, the homes up for offer in the UK will astound you. With lots of places to stay all over the UK, you could end up in an old windmill in Kent, a yurt in Devon or even a narrow boat in central London. Not only does this app help you find the right accommodation for your trip but also allows you to book local experiences led by local experts. You can book trips lasting for multiple days or just an afternoon.

Walking apps

With beautiful countryside and varying terrain, the UK is perfect for a walking excursion. The following apps will help you plan your routes, keep you on track and take you into the outdoors for a peaceful and beautiful adventure!

Outdoors Great Britain ( Free| iOS and Android, in-app purchases)
The Outdoors app is perfect for hikers, cyclists, ramblers, and outdoor instructors. You can download maps to use in areas of no signal, there are over 200,000 free routes available for planning, powerful GPS functions, ability to create a route with distance markers.
ViewRanger Cycling & Hiking Trails & OS Maps (Free| iOS and Android)
Discover thousands of inspiring trail guides, download detailed Ordnance Survey maps and navigate outdoors. There is the option for highly accurate offline navigation and integration with Apple Health, routes completed in ViewRanger can be saved to Apple Health as workouts. 


Keep yourselves busy with the following apps and explore all the national treasures the UK has to offer.

Museums UK (Free | iOS and Android)
This app is your own personal guide to museums in the UK. You can search for museums via location/city and browse the current events and exhibitions. You can stay up-to-date with museums on Facebook and Twitter and store all your favourite museums for offline browsing.
National Trust (Free | iOS and Android)
With this free app from the National Trust, you can explore more than 550 special protected places throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also shows you events happening throughout the year, so you can always discover new things to do
English Heritage days out (Free | iOS and Android)
This app allows you to search for places to visit via the 'near me' map and current location, as well as the unique 'Day Out' finder wheel which suggests places based on your selected region/county. It also provides you with event information for where you are visiting, times, prices, directions and picture galleries.
Around me (Free | iOS and Android)
Find all the nearest facilities around you and your current location. Discover where the nearest bar, hotel, cinema, theatre, gallery etc is. The app will show you a complete list of all the businesses in the category you have tapped on as well as the distance from where you are.

Don't forget to check the weather!

Typically bank holidays are either beautiful, or a complete wash-out. Remember to check the weather prior to your trip to determine which activities you will be partaking in!

BBC weather (Free | iOS and Android)

This weather app from the BBC has a simple design and is easy to use. It gives you detailed and up-to-date information. You can search for locations, see hourly forecasts and see any Met Office severe weather warnings issued at your location.

A few more things to mention...

For those rainy camping days- why not check out last week’s blog on weird and wonderful apps which are sure to keep you entertained and if you’re off travelling by car check out another useful blog post written by us a few weeks ago on apps to help you stay in control of your car....


Whatever you end up doing for the bank holiday, remember our Wooden Single Back Cases are ultra slim in design meaning they fit comfortably in your pocket or bag and are the perfect travel companion... 



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