Learn A New Language With These Apps

abril 25, 2017

Learn A New Language With These Apps

If you are thinking about going away this summer to somewhere different, you should probably start to think about picking up some of the basic language such as; how to ask for a coffee, taxi, or where the nearest bar is...

Learning a new language can seem like an extremely daunting task, but don’t worry... the Snakehive team have collected a few language learning apps to help make it easier for you.

So have a download of these apps, and become fluent in no time and if you haven't booked your holiday yet, check out our blog on Holiday Planning Apps for help with booking flights, hotels and activities


 Apps to consider pre-holiday

You've booked your holiday and this is the next step. Start early and you'll be talking like a local. The following apps range from full courses to flashcards and grammar tests...

Map on Wooden Table with Apple Computer and cactus and camera


Duolingo (iOS, Android | Free, In App purchases)

Duolingo is regarded as one of, if not the best language learning app and Apple's iPhone App of the Year! The majority of the Duolingo courses are created by native speakers. You can learn all of the languages you would expect and even some unexpected languages like Klingon. Learn by playing games, having conversations with bots and having fun...


Busuu (iOS, Android | Free, Premium Subscription)

With the free version you can learn a language through the use of flashcards.

The premium version gives you flashcards, conversations with native speakers, travel course, offline mode, quizzes and official certificates, grammar exercises, vocabulary trainer and full access to 12 different language courses.


Memrise (iOS, Android | Free, Premium Subscription)

As a 'language master spy', you'll become a hero in this adventure game and learn a language at the same time... It's a game that teaches you everyday words and phrases,and tests you with quizzes and playful images.

The free version includes pretty much all of the content, but if you want to have offline mode and an extra set of games, then you can pay a monthly fee.


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If you want a more social experience, the following apps allow you to talk with native speakers from around the world, meaning you will be able to practice and learn with an expert.


Hello Talk (iOS, Android | Free, In-App Purchases)

The teachers are native language speakers from around the world. You pick the language you want to learn- there are over 100 from which to select- and almost instantaneously you’ll be in touch with native speakers of that language; you’ll start learning and practising immediately. Send voice messages to each other- and if you can’t understand the app will turn the voice message into a written message.


TripLingo (iOS, Android | Free, Premium Subscription)

Described as 'the ultimate tool for international travellers, Triplingo offers instant translation of your voice, connection to a live translator and a crash course in the local culture. The free version includes basic access to all features in every language, and you can access all content by upgrading to a premium subscription (£19.99 a month).


Apps to consider when you've left it a little too late....

If your holiday has suddenly crept up on you and you still don’t feel confident, don’t worry. The following apps can help you translate written documents and even use your phone's microphone to record and translate if you are talking to a local.

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Scanner and translator app (iOS | Free)

Extracts texts from any printed sources: documents, books, signs, instructions or announcements and allows you to immediately translate them to any 90 languages. Take a picture of the text and after the text is recognised, you can immediately edit, hear, translate, share it on Facebook, Twitter or simply send by email or as SMS.

Speak and translate (iOS | Free)

Speak and translate is 'an indispensable voice and text translator' that allows you to communicate effectively in any corner of the world. It provides 117 languages in text-to-text translation and 54 languages in voice-to-voice translations. Dictate what you need to translate or type the text, let the app speak the translations or read it on your screen, language detection for text-to-text mode. The app is also available with Apple Watch.


One last thing.....

We hope you enjoy your international adventures this summer, and with these apps, we hope you have many colourful and interesting conversations with different people and experience lots of amazing cultures!

Our Wooden Single Back Cases are ultra slim in design meaning it fits comfortably in your pocket or bag and is the perfect travel companion... 

Snakehive wooden back case with passport, map and sunglasses

If you haven't already, check out last week's blog on the Battle of the Phone Manufacturers.


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