iPhone 8 vs Note 8: All you need to know...

agosto 18, 2017

'iPhone 8 vs Note 8' Image of retro telelphone

Here at Snakehive, we are very excited for the new releases coming to the mobile world in the upcoming months. If you aren't already aware, the iPhone 8 vs Note 8 battle in the run up to Christmas will be the talk of the year. Opinions in the Snakehive office are divided. So we've collated all the rumours on both models and compiled them to see which one will come out top.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

rumoured image of the Note 8 design

With the release of a teaser trailer (14.08.17) it is apparent that the new Samsung galaxy Note 8 phone will be unveiled on the 23rd of August at the #Unpacked2017 event. However, we can tell you that from the rumoured specs for the Note 8 already circling in the online forums, that this model is going to be very impressive.

This is no surprise as it has to compete with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and the disastrous events of the 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7. After incidents of the Note 7 catching fire to itself resulting in the recall of all sold models, Samsung are hoping their latest addition to the Note line will put them back on top. To ease any future worry over the safety of the Note 8, models will undergo an 8-point battery test to avoid anything going up in flames again.

The appearance of the Samsung Note 8 is set to resemble many design features of the Galaxy S8, boasting a 4K curved-edge infinity display. We can also expect the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to either be built beneath the front screen or move to the back alongside, arguably the most improved feature for Samsung, the dual 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera that has been avoided by Samsung until now. It's looking like it will beat the iPhone 8 in size at an estimated 6.3 inches which makes it bigger, but not necessarily better, than ever.


You can watch the launch event on Wednesday the 23rd of August 2017 at 3pm here.


Apple iPhone 8

rumoured image of the iphone 8 design


Although nothing has been mentioned by Apple yet regarding any releases this year, many rumours are floating about on different social platforms for a 10th anniversary release. We know that this release will more than likely surface in September as traditionally, Apple have been releasing a new product every September since 2012.

In terms of the product design and features, developers have managed to delve into the software code for the new Home pod speaker being released by apple and have found sought after clues about a new phone model.

Apple products ooze 'less is more' with their timeless designs, so it comes to no surprise that we can expect an edge to edge glass display that curves round the edges, eliminating the visible home button.

There are many new features set in store for the supposed 'iPhone 8'. The code made reference to 'smartcam' which leads to the idea of a new Smart Camera feature which will be able to tune your camera settings based on the scene it detects, this new camera feature could also be used for facial recognition (previous rumours have claimed that the facial recognition could replace the Touch ID). Other rumoured features include; a vertical dual lens camera with the ability to shoot images in 4K, a 5.8 inch OLED screen which will give you a brighter and more efficient display, wireless charging and water resistance.


Compare the specs for yourself

iphone 8 vs Note 8 table of comparisons

In the iPhone 8 vs Note 8 battle it's hard to determine who will come out on top, however one thing is for certain, we will be stocking cases for both models!

If you're interested in which of our customers prefer Apple or Samsung, take a look at our previous blog battle of the phone manufacturers.

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Disclaimer: These specs may be subject to change as they have not been confirmed yet by manufacturers, the ones mentioned in this article are speculations.


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