Apps for a happier, healthier you!

abril 04, 2017

Apps for a happier, healthier you!

With World Health Day on the 7th of April, the Snakehive team thought it apt to have a look some apps which could improve your mental well-being, lifestyle choices and overall health. From mindfulness and meditation apps, to sleeping and lifestyle apps, we've selected some of the best out there for improving overall happiness and teaching a few life techniques.


Apps for Mindfulness & Meditation

Known for lowering stress, anxiety and feelings of worry. Mindfulness and meditation are important tools for improving happiness and creating a healthy mental state. The following apps are different variations of how to practise mindfulness in your every day life.

Headspace (Free & Premium subscription | iOS and Android)

Headspace is one of the better known apps for guided meditation. Endorsed by Emma Watson and even us in our International Woman's Day Blog, this app lives up to the hype. The creators of this app have an 'in-house science team' at their disposal. The free version of Headspace, named 'Take10' includes 10 free sessions to 'train your mind for a happier, healthier life'. There are also a series of subscriptions for the premium version, 1 Month (£7.95), Yearly (£4.99/ Month), a two year subscription (£3.74/ Month) and forever (£249.85).


Sway mindfulness : in motion (£2.99 | iOS )

This app is an interactive meditation experience. It uses your phone to track movement and provides feedback to help you gain focus and improve your attention. With 6 unique levels, you can learn everyday techniques for mindfulness. This app lets you practise mindfulness anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is let the sound guide you. You should use this app for 20 mins a day for best results. Watch the video below for more info.

Buddhify (£4.99 iOS | £1.99 Android)

Buddhify is a meditation app with a difference. With beautiful visualisations and over 80 custom made meditations for wherever you are, Buddhify is an authentic approach to mindfulness in modern society. With just one payment you will have unlimited access to all that the app has to offer. The app covers different sections from meditation at home and work to meditation for dealing with difficult emotions and pain. This app is suitable for all experience levels, especially beginners.


Smiling Mind (Free | iOS and Android)

Smiling mind is a not for profit app that exists to help build individual mental health and well-being through positive, preemptive tools based on mindfulness meditation. Co-developed with psychologists and health professionals Smiling Mind is accessible to everyone. Their mindfulness meditation programmes are designed to assist people in dealing with pressure, stress, anxiety and the challenges of daily life. The app has programmes for each demographic, workplace, sport and in the classroom.


Apps for Yoga 

Yoga has many benefits for your mind and health. The following apps allow you to practise yoga, without having to travel anywhere. Perfect!

Yoga Studio (£3.99 iOS | £3.19 Android)

This app is perfect for yoga beginners and even more awesome for experts. The app has been developed and performed by a qualified instructor and features 65 ready-made classes. You can choose you level, duration, and focus to find the perfect class for you. There are over 280 poses to master and each one includes detailed info and advice on how to perform them perfectly and safely.


    Down dog (Free | iOS and Android)

    The Down Dog App gives you a studio yoga experience in the comfort of your own home. With clear vocal instructions and a matching playlist, it really feels like you are partaking in a studio-quality class. Each time you practise, the app creates a brand new sequence so that you never run out of content.


    Apps for a better night's sleep

    It's undisputed that having a good night's sleep is the cure to many things. The following apps can help you drift off and wake up in a natural and healthy way, allowing you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Sleep Cycle (Free | iOS and Android)

    The sleep cycle app tracks your sleeping patterns throughout the night and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase so it feels like a less forced wake up and more of a natural waking up. Whilst you sleep the app uses sound analysis to identify the sleep states by tracking movements in bed. The free mode of this app allows you to analyse sleep, it provides detailed graphs and statistics, provides a customisable wake up window and you can export your data into excel for further analysis....

    Sleepmaker Rain (Free | iOS and Android )

    The creators of this app claim that it is designed for any eco-conscious person.This app contains real rain recordings to help you get a great night’s sleep, relax at work or get away from the city crowd. The free app includes 21 tracks featuring 3 different forces of rainfall. Gentle (rainfall in forests, rain running off decking), Medium (constant fall, rain against car roof, rain onto concrete), Heavy (rain against windows, torrential downpour). If rain isn't your thing, the creators of this app have made  nature, storm and wave app following the same layout.


    Apps for organising your life

    Getting your life in order with a plan and schedule is important when trying to alleviate stress and introduce new healthy activities into your lifestyle. The following apps help you to track what your current lifestyle looks like and ways to improve it to reach your desired goals.


    Life Sum (Free, Premium subscription | iOS and Adroid)

    "Lose weight. Bulk up. Eat better. Whatever your health goal, Lifesum is exactly what you need to make it happen." This app gives people personalised navigation for health and lifestyle improvement. Lifesum have created a delightful user experience that improves health for the mainstream. This app gives you a personalised roadmap of how to change for the better, build a healthy lifestyle, learn how to eat wiser and get exercise tips so you train better and are more motivated. This app is subscription based, you can pay for a 1 month subscription (£6.49 / Month), a 3 month subscription (£4.83 / Month), and a yearly subscription (£2.37 / Month).


    Life cycle (Free, Premium Subscription | iOS and Android)

    This app automatically keeps track of you time and presents you life back to you, sorted in slices of a doughnut shaped chart (intriguing). The app runs in the background and uses less than 1% battery per day tracking your daily activities, places you go and who you spend time with. This data could be useful for a person that is curious about how their time is being spent, or a person who is looking to make a change. The app is free- with the option to try all the premium features on a 30 day trial. Following that is is £9.49 / Year. Premium includes integration with your sleep cycle app mentioned earlier.


    One last thing...

    We hope that these apps will help you on your quest to being happier and healthier. If you are looking to change other aspects of your life, why not take a look at our Wilderness Collection, these wooden phone cases are environmentally friendly and look fantastic too! 



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