Celebrating Dadness 

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide - phone cases

We've got a case for every kind of dad this Father's Day 

In honour of Father’s Day on Sunday 18 June, we celebrate eight types of dad and suggest a phone case that best reflects each individual ‘dadness’ style.  Read on to find yours – and get him a perfectly
matched case as a thoughtful Father’s Day gift.

Hip Dad 

Snakehive FAther's Day Gift Guide - Hip Dad

He’s cool, calm and connected and has a great sense of style and the best vinyl album collection around. His impeccable beard is well groomed and he’s partial to an avocado or two, along with his favourite beer.    Hip Dad will love the natural distressed matt leather of  The  Vintage Collection  which will age beautifully over time. The case also features three useful credit card slots as well as a larger compartment for notes – meaning he can be hip and ever practical too. 

Adventurous Dad

This outdoor hero is a big fan of camping adventures, watching sunsets, mountain sports, wild swimming and the environment.  Inspired by this natural enthusiasm for life, the Wilderness Collection is made for those dads who love the look and feel of wood. Each wooden case is unique with different wood grains and colouring, adding to the beauty.   

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide

Gadget Dad

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide - gadget dad

This dad just loves his devices  – he’s got the latest 
phone model and tablet; the most technically advanced speaker system and TV screen;  all the apps, add-ons and upgrades you could possibly get; the best gaming console, the new tom-tom GPS: the list is endless!  A case from the Slimline Wallet Collection will definitely please a Gadget Dad who loves to blend style with functional design. A built-in stand allows him to watch films and videos on the move, and card and note slots cleverly combine a phone and wallet into one. 

Safety Dad

Does your dad always talk and think about 
your safety?  He’ll be the one to remind you to check your tyre and oil pressure, to use a step ladder instead of balancing on a stool to change a light bulb, not to wear headphones when crossing the road etc etc.  Though not strictly a phone case a Safety Dad will always support the idea of adding extra protection to your phone screen, and Tempered Glass does just the job.  The glass prevents scratches on the screen, and the oleophobic coating allows water to slide off and helps reduce fingerprint marks on your screen.

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide - Safety Dad

Sporty Dad

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide - Sporty Dad

He can be found on the football pitch, on a 
Sunday morning bike ride or at the local tennis or golf club, but whatever his sport of choice, Sporty Dad spends his free time doing what he loves – keeping up with his sport.  Sporty Dad would appreciate a super-lightweight case that won't add bulky weight to his pocket or sports bag, and the Shell Case Collection will fit the bill perfectly. Designed to be slim and light without compromising on protection, the case has precise cut-outs for the ports, buttons and camera, as well as slots for two cards.

Handyman Dad

If your dad is forever using his hands to fix
everything you are one lucky person.  This dad can put together your flat pack furniture, repair any damaged item, change a flat tyre or sort out your DIY.   Thank him for all his efforts with our 
Vintage belt loop case.  The back of the pouch features a leather belt loop to easily attach the pouch case to a belt for added practicality and ease of use, keeping his hands free for that next fixing job.    

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide - Handyman Dad

The Dad who isn't a Dad

Snakehive Father's Day gift guide - link to money wallet

The Dad who isn’t a Dad is the special
 man who has stepped in to be a father figure.   He’s gone out of his way to make a difference in your life and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and ages. He could be a family member or friend, a mentor or a stranger.  So for the Dad who isn’t a Dad we suggest the case that isn’t a phone case - our beautiful new money wallet.

MasterChef Dad

Renowned for a particular signature dish
or his Sunday roast with all the trimmings, MasterChef
Dad loves to take over the kitchen.  He goes out of his
way to go to his favourite shops to buy spices and ingredients that take his chef skills to near Michelin
rating.  Just avoid the kitchen afterwards when every
pan and tray needs a scrub! The Two Tone leather finish
 in our Vintage Collection is perfect for MasterChef Dad as the case cleverly folds to create at stand for his phone – hands free cooking.

Snakehive Father's Day Gift Guide - MasterChef Dad

Snakehive link to Father's Day gift guide - Vintage leather wallet phone case

For Hip Dad
Vintage Wallet   

Snakehive father's day gift guide - link to wilderness wood phone case

For Adventurous Dad
Wilderness Collection 

Snakehive father's day gift guide - link to leather belt pouch phone case

For Handyman Dad
Vintage belt pouch

Snakehive father's day gift guide - link to slimline leather phone case

For Gadget Dad
 Slimline Wallet

Snakehive father's day gift guide - link to Vintage wallet leather phone case

For MasterChef Dad
Two Tone Vintage Wallet

Snakehive father's day gift guide - link to shell leather phone case

For Sporty Dad
 Shell Collection

Snakehive father's day gift guide - link to money wallet

For the Dad who isn't a Dad
Money Wallet