Top apps for DIY and decorating

February 14, 2017

Top apps for DIY and decorating

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Choosing the right tools or colour schemes for home decorating and improvement projects can be daunting  - but look no further than your phone to get the job done as thankfully there are many specialist apps around.    This week at Snakehive we've checked out our favourite DIY decorating apps, which can help with anything from inspiration through to planning and essential tools.   Here are our top finds. 

Inspiring DIY

Houzz (Free | Android, iOS)

If you need inspiration in order to decorate this app allows you to browse and save photos of home interiors and exteriors by style, room and location.  And if DIY gets all too much you can connect with the professionals,  from architects and interior designers to builders and more.  A helpful feature is the Sketch function that can bring your design ideas to life by adding notes, drawing on and adding products to your photos.


Planning DIY

DIY success is all down to the prep; these apps will help you get organised by helping you make and record important measurements in order to buy materials.  


RoomScan Pro  (Free, or pro £4.99 | iOS)

RoomScan draws floor plans all by itself making your tape measure redundant – you just need to tap  it to each wall of a space to get a floor plan drawn up in minutes.  The app records the positions, lengths and orientations of walls using the phone’s GPS and gyroscope.  For improved accuracy the paid-for pro version allows you to include doors, doorways or windows. 

Photo Measures Lite (Free | Android, iOS)

This is a great app for anyone who wants to keep their house’s measurements and dimensions in one safe place. It’s really useful for when you want to buy a new piece of furniture or, say,  a new picture frame and need exact measurements to hand.  Simply take photos of a room or object and write the dimensions on the photos to remember for when you’re out and about shopping. 

The Dulux Visualizer App (Free| Android, iOS)

The easy-to-use app from Dulux lets you pick a colour from anywhere, and with augmented reality technology allows you to see the colours live in your home.  The app also provides suggested colour schemes.  The ‘How to’ video demonstrations are handy too. 

Handyman Calculator (Free | Android)

This is a really useful app for taking the guess work out of your home improvement projects. Once you’ve decided on your paint, tile or wallpaper choices the app helps calculate quantities required.   Concrete, brick, block mortar and sand calculations are also among the dozens of calculation and conversion tools available. 

Home Improvement Calcs (Paid £1.99 with in-app purchases  | iOS )

This app provides many of the same functions as the Handyman Calculator for iPhones. 


Doing DIY

You've done the planning and it's now time to get stuck into the project.  These apps will let you check the best way to tackle a project or provide helpful tools to get the job done. 


snakehive paint and brushes DIY blog


WikiHow (Free | Android, iOS)

Although not all related to DIY this app offers over 150,000 free ‘how-to’ guides.  But if you want to know how to hang wall paper or tips on preparing a room for painting, just search the many guides.  You can then get a guide on how to distress if the project gets all too much...   

iHANDY (Free | Android, iOS)

Quite simply, a spirit level on your phone.  We love this in the Snakehive office – it lives up to its handy name.    

IHANDY CARPENTER (Android £1.54, iOS £1.99)

The useful bubble level featured in the free version above is combined with four other tools in the paid version:   a plumb bob to give vertical reference lines, a protractor, a ruler and a surface level.  This app was brilliant in helping up hang our brand new white board level in the office this week. 

The Woodshop Widget (Android £1.21, iOS £3.99)

If you’re using wood in your DIY project consider buying this app which can help suggest the best species of up to 288 woods by listing colours, textures and physical properties like hardness and how likely they’re to shrink or distort.


Keeping on top of DIY

BrightNest (Free | Android, iOS)

This brilliant app helps you stay on top of house maintenance chores with helpful articles and the option to schedule jobs and DIY activities.  A series of questions allows you to customise the app to your lifestyle when you first register.  You can select tips to make your house ‘creative’ with decorating ideas or ‘handy’ for house maintenance suggestions.  Other useful categories include ‘savvy’ for money saving tips, ‘green’ and ‘clean’ among others.   Wired Magazine calls this app a “Lifehacker for your home."

There are so many apps out there to make your home improvement projects a little easier – we hope you find our favourite picks helpful.  And if you do plan to use your phone as a handy tool be sure to protect it with a Snakehive phone case.


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