Must-have apps for book lovers

Februar 28, 2017

Must-have apps for book lovers

With World Book Day fast approaching, the Snakehive team have looked into different book apps you can download on to your phone to get into the literary spirit. Although many book lovers would recoil in horror at the thought of reading on a screen, we have compiled a list of different apps which could change even the biggest critic’s opinion.

Reading on your phone instead of an old fashioned book actually has many advantages. Phones are portable, easily accessible, can store a whole library of literature and are highly convenient. Just because you are not reading from a hardy copy of a book does not mean that you will enjoy it any less.


Apps for books

In light of the words by John Steinbeck "I guess there are never enough books", we have put together the following apps in which you can browse millions of titles and they can all be found in your own personal library on your phone.

Goodreads (Free | iOS and Android)

A community of 40 million readers to interact with; a database of 1.1 billion books to track and review; a social feed to see what your friends are reading and loving; and a fun, streamlined way of organising and celebrating your literary life.

Kobo (Free | iOS and Android)

Over 5 million titles at your fingertips. Comfortable and convenient reading experience- you can customise the way you read, enjoy crisp, clear text and adjust to the size and style you prefer. There is a night mode to make reading easier on your eyes before bedtime. Read in lots of languages. Another fantastic feature offered by Kobo is the option to borrow books from a public library and download them as an eBook. Kobo is the only ereader app which offers this service in the UK. This service is offered through OverDrive, more info can be found here:

Google Play Books (Free | iOS and Android)

Millions of titles from Google play to watch on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Take your favourite books with you on the go and personalise your reading experience. Shop books in your browser on Google Play. Allows you to change the font, search within the book and search for information about the book, manage your library, there is a night reading mode, you can read books offline and there is voice over support.

iBooks (Free | iOS)

Explore a vast collection of books from all categories, and for all ages and reading levels. Browse the featured books to find the hottest new releases, perennial bestsellers and collections. Read free samples of books, sometimes before they’re available anywhere else. Find beautifully illustrated and interactive books, including kid’s picture books, art and photography books, cookbooks and more.

Kindle (Free| iOS and Android)

You can turn your phone into a Kindle with this app. The page flip feature saves your page, and you can just click on the button and it takes you back to where you left off. To get the books you have to shop through Amazon/eBooks and if there is availability eBooks can be switched to audio by adding audio companion. You can also loan Kindle books to your friends and family, just follow the instructions here:

Apps for Audio books

Ever thought about swapping your eBook to an audiobook? If you are a pro 'multitasker' then this might be an option for you... you could listen whilst doing the housework, exercising, cutting the grass or on your commute to work.. the possibilities are endless! 

Audible audio books (£7.99 subscription | iOS and Android)

With Audible you can have a 30 day free trial and your first book is completely free. Once that is over it is £7.99/month subscription. With Audible you can listen anytime, anywhere. Your library automatically syncs across all your devices and every book in your library is yours to keep even if you cancel your membership.

Bookmobile (£3.99 in-app purchase | iOS)

60 day free trial with access to 5 audiobooks/podcasts. An interface which is optimised for listening to spoken word content. You can get, play and manage audio content from a variety of sources including; iTunes, Audible, CD's, public library downloads, RSS feeds, Dropbox and more.

Apps for articles/papers/reports

Pocket (Free| iOS and Android)

If you scroll through Facebook or any social media site and see articles that you just don't have time to read, then this app might be able to help. Pocket is an archiving tool to save articles, videos, and pages that you want to read or watch later, even offline.

Scribd (Free month trial, then £6.99/month, in-app purchases| iOS and Android)

Access to unlimited magazines, 3 books and 1 audiobook of your choice every month, unlimited access to the world’s largest document library which includes government reports, academic dissertations, detailed scientific studies, and more. Store titles offline to enjoy at anytime, without an internet connection.

Something different to think about....

Following the book theme, we thought it would be rude not to mention the Mini Lumio+. This fun book themed gadget can make your reading experience that little bit more magical, and if your phone starts to run out of battery you can use the charger!

Mini Lumio+ ($125/ £100- approx)

An American product which is a compact, multi-functional lamp and battery pack for a mobile phone that conceals itself in the form of a hard-cover book. Opens to 360 degrees and comes with a removable spine cover and a lightning charger for mobile phones. The company does ship internationally, with the exception of a few countries, and this takes around 2-3 weeks.


When using your phone as a reading companion, always protect it with a Snakehive phone case.... just to be on the safe side. We find that our Vintage Wallet cases are so nice to hold that it almost makes your phone feel like a real book!

Enjoy relaxing with a good eBook this week and remember in the words of Dr Seuss “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”.




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