Top Essential Apps for Holiday Planning

März 21, 2017

Top Essential Apps for Holiday Planning

With spring (hopefully) coming into full force soon, the Snakehive team thought it appropriate to start to think about our summer holidays. We’ve compiled a list of apps which make holiday planning ten times easier and 100% less stressful. We’ve got you covered for holiday inspiration, organising travel documents and even an app that when you enter details about your trip, it gives you a precise list of what you need to pack based on weather, length of stay and what you’re going to get up to!
Check out the apps and let the wanderlust kick in...



The following apps are really useful if you want to go on holiday but have no idea where you would like to go. Full of destination inspiration, these apps are essential for any holiday planning.


MINUBE (Free | iOS and Android)

Minube can be used to find inspiration and discover your next travel destinations, see recommendations and tips from real travellers, and create beautiful travel photo albums once you return home.

Relive favourite trips, find the best amenities, plan a trip by creating personalised guides featuring all the places you want to visit on your trip, discover authentic reviews and photos from fellow travellers, travel using interest-based lists that help you discover the very best of each destination.

FINDERY (Free | iOS and Android)

Findery can be used as an inspiration app prior to travelling and also a handy tool whilst you are on your adventure. It's an app where you can leave notes about the places you have been, share stories that have happened in spots you love, and start collecting locations you dream of visiting. As Findery say you can "discover the world through stories and photos shared by others". 



Before you start any travel plans download the following app. Trust us, this will make holiday planning so much easier and make you feel like an organisation pro!


TRIPIT (Free | iOS and Android)

Tripit is an app that instantly organises all of your travel plans in one place. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to The app will then create a master itinerary for each of your trips with all your travel details in one place! There is an option for Tripit premium at a yearly subscription price of around £48. This will enable you to receive real time flight alerts, seat tracking, alternate flight finder, fare refund notifications, point tracking and more....



One of the more stressful parts of planning a holiday is searching for the best flights, purchasing said flights and then organising the copious amounts of documentation you receive once you've paid. We've been loving the following apps as they can alleviate all of the stress and worry associated with this part of your holiday.



SKYSCANNER (Free | iOS and Android)

With Skyscanner’s all-in-one travel app you can ‘travel smarter’. This app helps you to search, compare and book cheap flights, hotels and car hire anytime, anywhere. There is a colour-coded calendar featured in the app to help you to easily compare the cheapest days and months to fly. You also receive notification when there is a price drop on a flight. We love that this app not only covers flights but hotels and car hire too! Plus there are no added costs- it is 100% free!

HOPPER (Free | iOS and Android)

Hopper is an app similar to Skyscanner but purely for flights. This app predicts the future price of flights and tells you when to buy! Described as a ‘super-fast, all-knowing travel agent that predicts the future lowest price’, Hopper allows you to watch a trip and receive alerts via push notifications as soon as prices drop and before they rise, plus travel tips, personalised deals, flight price tracker and exclusive sales from your home airport.



Search for traveller reviewed accommodation with ease using the following apps. Whether you are after a luxury hotel room in Paris, a hostel in Berlin, or even a houseboat in Amsterdam- these will help you plan and execute your accommodation planning with simplicity and give you peace of mind.


AIRBNB (Free iOS and Android)

With Airbnb you can choose from over 2.5million homes in over 191 countries. To find the perfect accommodation you can search by price, neighbourhood, amenities etc, with options to book for a few nights or for long term rentals. Not only does this app help you find the right accommodation for your trip but also allows you to book local experiences led by local experts. You can book trips lasting for multiple days or just an afternoon.

TRIP ADVISOR (Free | iOS and Android)

With over 350 million reviews and opinions by travellers- this app is a must have if you want to find the best restaurants, best hotels and fun things to do. Not only can you search for reviews, but you can get answers to specific questions by posting in the forums and you can add your own reviews and photos. To avoid using data abroad download maps, reviews, and your saves for over 300 cities worldwide onto your phone for free.


When everything else is planned and booked, the last thing to do is organise yourself. The following apps help make holiday planning easier and make sure that you don't forget any necessary items in a packing panic!



PACKPOINT (Free | iOS and Android)

An intelligent packing app and packing list builder for serious travellers. PackPoint will tell you what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Punch in the city you’re travelling to, the departure date, and the number of nights you’ll be staying there. With premium for £2.99 you get custom packing templates, custom activities, Tripit integration and Evernote integration.

 PACK THE BAG (Free | iOS)

Forgetting something really important will ‘never happen again’ with this app. Pack the bag is an app which offers the opportunity to create lists for travel plans. You can maintain your items in the inventory list and you save these according to storage location. All the lists which you create can be sent via email which can then be imported on any other iOS device. The app will even send a push notification to you for whatever date you should start packing by.

 One more thing...

When taking your phone abroad make sure that you keep it protected with a Snakehive phone case. Not only do the cases ensure your phone will be safe- but the wood wallets from our Wilderness Collection have card slots- meaning less to take out and about with you when exploring new and wonderful places, and they look great in travel snaps!


Whatever you end up booking, we hope these apps will help you to stay calm and relaxed for the whole process! Enjoy your future adventures!



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